5 Benefits of Biodiversity to Humans

Biodiversity precisely means the various biological species in an ecosystem. But it goes beyond just a literal species list. It includes the interactions among the species, the way they survive, things they do as well as their living environment. But why should you be interested in the diverseness of an ecosystem? There are several benefits of biodiversity that affect humans. 

If you have been asking the same question, this article has answers for you. Perhaps it will give you more reasons to be concerned about the diverseness of an ecosystem. Check out these five benefits of biodiversity to humans. 

Provisioning services

People rely on biodiversity to survive. Humans eat food and use medicines to stay healthy. The materials that we use to construct our homes as a result of biodiversity. Such services are those touchable items or products that humans and other species eat to survive. While this might be less common to the average citizen, a wide variety of living things keep human consumption needs. According to history, the variety was more. 

Seed dispersal and pollination

When it comes to the pollination of crops and plants, bees are the lone organisms that can do that. Butterflies, bats, and birds take a vital role in dispersing seeds and spreading pollen. For example, hummingbirds and butterflies eat nectar and they can transfer pollen from one flower to another. Fruit bats and birds consume nuts and fruits from plants. After that, they disperse the seeds via the fecal matter. 


According to research, biodiversity awareness has resulted in fast growth in ecotourism. Most travel firms are now encouraging tours into unpopular areas like jungles and forests. This is where tourists may visit and hike, get on river cruises, see, and have fun viewing nature minus interfering with the ecosystem. So, the money obtained from the ecotourism is given to the area and assists to keep the diversity of animals and plants.

Waste removal

This is another benefit that you will get from biodiversity. The diversity of fungi, microbes, and different organisms is crucial in decomposing all the waste matter. Organic materials in nature like logs, twigs, leaves, and dead insects and animals are all broken down and decayed by the diversity of organisms in an ecosystem. Microbes and some insects carry out a crucial role in getting rid of the waste from the atmosphere. This makes it less ripe and cleaner for the increase in illnesses. 

Water quality

Among the benefits you get from biodiversity is that it helps to keep the water clean. In saturated places, plants will consume pollutants in water, process, and cleanse the water. Mollusks consume nutrients from the water and thus avoiding a condition known as eutrophication. This can result in a big raise in organisms in the water.


Whether you have been concerned about biodiversity or not, there are so many benefits that you can get. If you love tourism, biodiversity is what you need. You can use the money you get from tourism and develop your place.